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13 Sep 2017
Summer holidays are a fun time for the kids. They do not have to get up early for school, there is no pressure of studies, and they are free to play all day long. However, these summer holidays can very soon turn boring, when the kids have to stay alone at home and have no one to play with. Summer camp for kids Dubai offers the perfect solution for this problem. As a kid, if you have ever attended a summer camp, then you would know the many benefits that these camps have to offer. These days, there are numerous summer camps that are conducted by various schools, and private individuals. However, you need to make sure that you send your kid to a place where he or she would be able to learn new skills and at the same time have a lot of...

26 Jul 2017
Looking to capture the world most exciting arrays of theme parks? Get inclined to Dubai’s theme listing which is officially the capital of fun. For any ultimate joy, families are welcome along with their kids for any celebration with these exciting kids birthday party venues. It’s all a wonder around with theme park where plenty of world firsts, cartoon characters, dolphins, movies and water play for your interest. At water park Dubai you can feel the rush at the amazing and exciting indoor theme parks and get indulged with pools, streams and slides. Either it is Lego or Hollywood at mega theme park, Aqua venture or Wild Wadi water parks; it keeps on bringing visitors back time after time.

Being a perfect for year around sunshine,...

25 Jul 2017

Surprising children is such a happy job to do! We often fall short of ideas and ways to make their special days worth million memories. Children expect a happy colourful and cheering venue that is capable of engaging them in the best possible ways. Not just the children but we as adults too often go crazy over selecting best Kids birthday venues to have an entertaining time altogether. The best part about celebrating at good venues is the quality time, money and energy spent become worth the happiness.

How to celebrate well

Are we all not much confused about how and where to go for...

01 Jun 2017

Celebration of birthdays is a big thing for kids. Parents leave no stone unturned to ensure that kids have all the facilities growing up and make good memories which last them a lifetime. When you are in Dubai, either on a vacation or as a resident, you have plethora of options to choose from, including water parks designed exclusively for kids and provide wholesome family entertainment.

Water parks in Dubai are specially designed aqua parks which make it easier on parents to let their kids have their day while they sit back and relax with the special provision they have for themselves.

Best Birthday Ideas for Kids

06 Mar 2017

What could be a better way of impressing the kids than throwing the birthday parties? Birthday parties for kids give the parents the opportunity to show their creative sides as well as their appreciation for their kids. They can easily display their love and affection for their kids. At the same time organizing kids birthday parties in the best manner could be a big challenge for them. The reason is that there are numerous aspects to consider in this regard.

Organizing the Party

There are multiple aspects of organizing Themed Kid’s Birthday parties. Parents or organizers have to...

02 Nov 2016

Dubai is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in entire world. There are a host of attractions for visitors and travelers coming to the city from all over the years. That is also the reason why the number of visitors to the city is growing consistently. However the most attractive thing in the city is the water park in Dubai that has completely transformed the face of the city.


A Desert Once; Heaven Today

The location that was once a desert has quickly but conclusively changed into...

07 Oct 2016

Dubai in the UAE has not only evolved as a prominent business center but also a favorite tourist destination in Gulf region. Tourist flock to Dubai round the year due to its bright and modern skyline as it boasts of architectural marvels like Burj Dubai and duty-free shopping. As the climate heats up, the tourists flock to a various water park in Dubai.

Dubai as Tourist Destination:

Though Dubai is located in the desert in the UAE and has a hot climate, it has been...

01 Sep 2016

Water parks have become a great destination for throwing kids birthday parties. Thanks to the amazing birthday packages and services offered by these water parks, planning a birthday party at these water parks has become not only an economical option for the parents, but also a fun option for the kids. Thus, by throwing kids birthday party at water park in Dubai, you can be sure that you would be able to impress your kid and his or friends, and the same time, also not make a big...