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01 Jun 2017

Celebration of birthdays is a big thing for kids. Parents leave no stone unturned to ensure that kids have all the facilities growing up and make good memories which last them a lifetime. When you are in Dubai, either on a vacation or as a resident, you have plethora of options to choose from, including water parks designed exclusively for kids and provide wholesome family entertainment.

Water parks in Dubai are specially designed aqua parks which make it easier on parents to let their kids have their day while they sit back and relax with the special provision they have for themselves.

Best Birthday Ideas for Kids

28 Mar 2017

Dubai is known as an exciting destination especially for the adventure seekers from around the world. Dubai is blessed with natural as well as man-made wonders that provide a long list of things to do. So, why not to plan for children’s parties here to give a special gift to your little champs. The desert stretches enable activities and thrilling experience to serve your visit and for an ultimate adrenaline rush. With the themed kids birthday party here in Dubai, indulge in a range of birthday party options to make your visit happening and adventurous for kids.

Dubai is one of the most...

06 Mar 2017

What could be a better way of impressing the kids than throwing the birthday parties? Birthday parties for kids give the parents the opportunity to show their creative sides as well as their appreciation for their kids. They can easily display their love and affection for their kids. At the same time organizing kids birthday parties in the best manner could be a big challenge for them. The reason is that there are numerous aspects to consider in this regard.

Organizing the Party

There are multiple aspects of organizing Themed Kid’s Birthday parties. Parents or organizers have to...

14 Feb 2017
What would be your reaction if your child demands a unique birthday bash for his/her upcoming special day? Probably, you would give the coolest expression after showing some excitement to them like other do, right! It’s not like that you’re not interested at all in throwing Kids Birthday Parties, but you’re more worried about the work related to the party. Organizing children’s parties certainly is an expensive and tedious job even for the smart parents.
In this case, the first ever thing you have to do is to look after an arrangement venue that could be anything even your home if it is spacious enough for your guests and naughty kids as well. Also, you have to take the venues into account those can accommodate the party...

29 Jul 2016
Children primarily want something new and different to do in their birthdays and this will make them remember their birthdays for long. In such occasions, they play with their friends and enjoy different facilities. As parents, it is the responsibility to create a venue or choose a location, where various facilities are already available for the children’s parties and in Dubai there is no dearth of such places. Parents need to make some basic planning about the venue, the food and the safety features. Such arrangements can be very satisfactorily done in the Dubai Water Park, where there are plenty of facilities for organizing the parties for the kids.
Checking out the location for organizing the birthday bash
In the occasion of...